This directory contains reports for FCMS. To use a report, download it to your computer, start up FCMS, and click the Reports button. Then choose Import from the Reports menu. Navigate to the location where you saved the report file, and double-click on the filename. This will add the report to your list of available reports.

Name                                         Size  Last Modified
====                                         ====  =============
Claim Brief Report.mrf                        19K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Claim Count Report.mrf                        10K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Claim Detail.mrf                              20K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Claim Summary Report.mrf                      16K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Claim Wide Summary.mrf                        16K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Note Action Report.mrf                        15K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Note Count Report.mrf                         10K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Note Report.mrf                               15K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Work Status Brief Report.mrf                  24K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Work Status Count Report.mrf                  13K  11-Jan-2012 15:13
Work Status Detail Report.mrf                 25K  11-Jan-2012 15:14
Work Status Summary Report.mrf                25K  11-Jan-2012 15:14

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