This directory contains First Report of Injury forms for WCCMS. To use a form, download it to your computer (see the hints at the bottom of this page if you have trouble doing so), start up WCCMS, choose Form Filler from the Setup menu, and click on the Import button. Navigate to the place where you saved the form file, and double-click on the filename. This will add the form to the list of available forms.

These forms are compatible with the latest version of WCCMS (10.x), and should be backward-compatible with version 6.2.x or newer.

Name                                         Size  Last Modified
====                                         ====  =============
Alabama.mff                                    8K  20-Sep-2006 15:16
Alaska p2.mff                                  2K   5-Dec-2016 12:34
Alaska.mff                                     6K   5-Dec-2016 12:34
Arizona.mff                                    9K  10-Aug-2006 11:01
Arkansas p2.mff                                1K  15-Jan-2004 15:58
Arkansas p3.mff                                1K  15-Jan-2004 15:58
Arkansas p4.mff                                1K  15-Jan-2004 15:58
Arkansas.mff                                   7K  10-Aug-2006 11:04
California 3067.mff                            9K   6-Jan-2011 11:23
California 3067S p2.mff                        2K   8-Jul-2020 15:12
California 3067S.mff                          10K  22-Jul-2020 15:12
California 5020.mff                            9K  10-Aug-2006 11:18
Colorado Back.mff                              2K   6-Mar-2006 13:24
Colorado.mff                                   8K  10-Aug-2006 11:21
Connecticut.mff                               16K  15-Jul-2010 13:40
Delaware.mff                                   5K   6-Jan-2012 11:40
Florida Back.mff                             821   12-Jun-2009 14:45
Florida.mff                                    8K  27-Feb-2020 12:52
Georgia p2.mff                                 2K  27-Feb-2020 12:53
Georgia.mff                                    8K  27-Feb-2020 12:53
Hawaii.mff                                     8K  13-Mar-2008 15:34
IAIABC IA-1 p2.mff                             1K  15-Jan-2004 16:03
IAIABC IA-1 p3.mff                             1K  15-Jan-2004 16:03
IAIABC IA-1.mff                                7K   2-Apr-2009 14:52
Idaho.mff                                      8K  29-Jul-2011 14:11
Indiana Instructions.mff                       2K  26-Jul-2010 12:22
Indiana.mff                                   21K  26-Jul-2010 12:22
Iowa Back.mff                                  4K  15-Jan-2004 16:06
Iowa.mff                                       8K  15-Jan-2004 16:05
Louisiana p2.mff                               1K  23-Aug-2016 15:07
Louisiana p3.mff                               1K  23-Aug-2016 15:07
Louisiana.mff                                  7K  23-Aug-2016 15:07
Maine.mff                                      8K  10-Jan-2013 13:54
Maryland.mff                                   8K  15-Jan-2004 16:08
Minnesota Back.mff                             3K  15-Jun-2016 13:57
Minnesota.mff                                  8K  15-Jun-2016 13:56
Mississippi Back.mff                           4K  15-Jan-2004 16:09
Mississippi.mff                                7K  10-Aug-2006 14:42
Missouri Back.mff                              2K  15-Jun-2016 13:58
Missouri.mff                                  14K  15-Jun-2016 13:58
Montana.mff                                   10K  27-Feb-2020 12:53
Nebraska Back.mff                              3K  24-Sep-2012 13:05
Nebraska.mff                                   7K   5-Nov-2015 12:45
Nevada C-3.mff                                10K   9-Feb-2023 12:30
Nevada D-2.mff                                 2K  15-Jan-2004 16:11
Nevada D-8.mff                                 5K   2-Mar-2006 13:48
New Hampshire.mff                              5K  23-Mar-2023 12:38
New Jersey p2.mff                              1K  10-Apr-2008 13:52
New Jersey p3.mff                              1K  10-Apr-2008 13:52
New Jersey.mff                                 7K  10-Apr-2008 13:52
New York C-11 Back.mff                         1K  15-Jan-2004 16:12
New York C-11.mff                              4K  15-Jan-2004 16:12
New York p2.mff                                4K  27-Feb-2020 12:55
New York p3.mff                                3K  27-Feb-2020 12:55
New York.mff                                  14K  27-Feb-2020 12:55
North Carolina Back.mff                        2K  27-Feb-2020 12:56
North Carolina.mff                             7K  27-Feb-2020 12:56
North Dakota p2.mff                            4K  27-Feb-2020 12:57
North Dakota.mff                              37K  27-Feb-2020 12:56
OSHA 301.mff                                   4K  15-Jan-2004 16:15
Ohio.mff                                      16K  24-Mar-2015 15:35
Oregon.mff                                     7K  27-Feb-2020 12:57
South Carolina p2.mff                          1K   2-Apr-2009 14:51
South Carolina p3.mff                          1K   2-Apr-2009 14:51
South Carolina.mff                             7K   2-Apr-2009 14:51
South Dakota.mff                               7K  27-Feb-2020 12:57
Tennessee.mff                                 14K  13-Apr-2009 15:16
Texas DWC003SD p2.mff                          3K  13-Sep-2022 15:48
Texas DWC003SD p3.mff                          1K  13-Sep-2022 15:48
Texas DWC003SD p4.mff                          1K  13-Sep-2022 15:48
Texas DWC003SD.mff                             8K  13-Sep-2022 15:47
Texas DWC007 p2.mff                            3K   4-Jan-2013 15:20
Texas DWC007 p3.mff                            4K   4-Jan-2013 15:20
Texas DWC007 p4.mff                            1K   4-Jan-2013 15:21
Texas DWC007 p5.mff                            1K   4-Jan-2013 15:21
Texas DWC007.mff                               4K   4-Jan-2013 15:20
Texas FORM-1.mff                               8K  21-Feb-2006  9:51
Texas FORM-3 p2.mff                            5K  21-Feb-2006  9:51
Texas FORM-3.mff                               8K  21-Feb-2006  9:51
Texas FORM-6.mff                               7K  21-Feb-2006  9:52
Utah State Fund.mff                            9K  15-Jan-2004 16:23
Utah p2.mff                                   14K  27-Feb-2020 12:58
Utah.mff                                      18K  27-Feb-2020 12:58
Vermont.mff                                   20K  26-Sep-2012 14:36
Washington DC.mff                              6K  16-Jul-2010 14:19
West Virginia.mff                             14K  22-Nov-2019 15:23
Wisconsin p2.mff                               1K  27-Feb-2020 12:59
Wisconsin.mff                                  8K  27-Feb-2020 12:59
Wyoming Back.mff                               5K  27-Feb-2020 13:00
Wyoming.mff                                   33K  27-Feb-2020 12:59

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